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Do you need us?

Are you preparing tender documents, bids or prospectuses?

When there is real money riding on your documents being read and understood, it makes sense to have a professional review them.  We have worked on successful tenders for multi-million dollar projects to remove jargon, improve layout and readability, and create a cohesive and convincing proposal.

Do you have complicated information to provide to clients or customers?

Professionals such as lawyers, accountants and doctors often need to convey complex ideas to their patients or clients.  Communicating information clearly allows patients and clients to make informed and rational decisions.  It’s easy to assume that the message is getting across, but some simple training in plain English writing skills will improve your communication and make for better client relationships.

Does your organisation produce a lot of written documents?

Are written documents the real product of your business – reports, agreements, proposals, accounts, website material, letters, emails?  If so, how much effort do you put into writing well and communicating clearly?  Really clear writing is surprisingly uncommon, and will be a real competitive differentiator for your business.  In fact, it is the sort of thing that turns customers into evangelists for your business.  We can advise you on how to become a clear language organisation, including training and improving key documents and agreements.

Do you get unexpected responses to the documents you send out?

If you are sending out forms and letters that don’t get the response you want, consider whether they need reworking or redesigning.  Designing forms to elicit the information you need is extremely challenging, and professional advice can save you a lot of time and money.  We can also design standard letters or notices to be sent at predictable stages of a project.

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