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Mar 03

Consumer contracts – plain English please!

Why should consumer contracts be written in plain English?  Because most people have to deal with them on their own, without the luxury of a lawyer being able to advise them on what it means.  Think about how many contracts you’re bound by right now.  Here’s just some of the normal everyday contracts people are …

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Jan 13

Structuring a contract

I’ve been a lawyer for more than ten years, and contracts have been the bread and butter of much of my working life.  I’ve written many, but as a specialist litigator I’ve argued and fought over even more.  Seeing contracts fall apart because the parties can’t understand them or use them effectively is one of …

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Dec 19

A plain English credit card agreement

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (a body which deals with consumer financial markets in the United States) has published a draft plain English credit card agreement.  It is designed to fit comfortably on two pages: one page of terms, and one page of definitions.  The layout is very easy on the eye, and it certainly …

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