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About us

Our principal, Angela Rae, is a readability specialist whose experience includes more than 10 years in practice as a solicitor.

She is an expert in making complex ideas clear and understandable.  Her belief is that almost anything can be written clearly enough to be understood the first time.

She has worked on documents including:

  • complex contracts
  • large tender documents
  • letters of advice and instructions
  • scientific PhD theses
  • internal policies

What people say about Angela

“What we like about Angela is her systematic approach to readable writing.  She looks at the whole picture to create documents that can be read and understood straightforwardly.

We see financial value to us in a plain English writing style—our clients can read and understand our documents, and we spend less time explaining and revisiting.  The agreements we prepare for our clients have clear rights and obligations, which results in better compliance.  With the court forms Angela has prepared for us, we expect to see time savings and higher client satisfaction with better quality and more consistent writing.  Our clients tell us that they value readability, and a plain English writing style helps us build ongoing client relationships.”

Partner, mid-size law firm

“I found myself with some complicated contracts in my developing business, and Angela Rae helped me by reworking them into clear, everyday English that could be readily understood by anyone reading them.  This had two results. Firstly, it meant that I could be confident that the people with whom I was seeking to enter into a contract could understand the terms and conditions I was proposing.  Secondly, and perhaps of more importance,  Angela’s commitment to  clear English in legal documents meant that I was better able to understand those documents myself and be sure that they were more precisely formed to meet the needs and intentions of my business.”

Director, creative & technology start-up company

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